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Image by Karsten Winegeart

Red de acción para personas sin hogar

El primer continuo local del condado de Tillamook para fortalecer y ampliar los servicios para personas sin hogar.

About Us

In 2023, Tillamook County brought together service organizations and local government leaders to create and implement a strategic plan for addressing houselessness in Tillamook County. This group became the Houseless Action Network. The collaborative and its work is made possible through funding support from HB 4123 and administrative management from CARE.

Our Vision

By 2028, we envision a community where…

  1. Anyone facing houselessness has rapid access to the shelter, housing, and services they need to live in a self-directed, safe, and humane way.

  2. We work on the root causes of houselessness while, at the same time, providing effective temporary solutions.

  3. We meet people where they are in the community and bring services into spaces where residents most engage.

  4. Services are seamlessly available across the County, for individuals in our towns as well as in our rural communities.

  5. Partnerships between community members are strong and sustained, enabling an equitable and individualized response – especially for those with unique needs such as behavioral health, criminal justice, and youth.

Image by Dimi Katsavaris

The Houseless Action Network Charter describes the purpose of the group and the responsibilities of its members. 

Tillamook County's Houseless Strategic plan which outlines the four strategic enablers

A commitment agreement for organizations wanting to join the Houseless Action Network as a member. This agreement is a one year, renewable commitment. 

For more information about the Houseless Action Network or to attend a meeting, please email


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